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Which Buccaneer would you bring Back to the Future?

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It's Back to the Future day -- finally, the actual day that Marty McFly went forward in time to in Back to the Future II. Yes, after years of fake Back to the Future days, this is the real one. Great, right?

To commemorate that, I'm copying this terrific question from the always outstanding Bucs Brief podcast. Which former Buccaneer would you bring back in his prime to play for today's Bucs?

Me, I'm going with the late, great Lee Roy Selmon. He remains the most dominant player I've ever seen in a Tampa Bay uniform, even if he suited up before my time. He would destroy offensive tackles play-in, play-out, racking up sacks even while having to play two gaps on every down. From the games from that time I've seen, the closest comparison I've seen in the modern game is J.J. Watt. Yes, Selmon was that good.

What about you? Which former Buc would you bring back in his prime?