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Buccaneers among least-televised teams in the NFL

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

FiveThirtyEight trudged through six seasons of broadcast data to figure out which teams are shown most often in which places. Surprise: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren't shown a whole lot outside of Florida and the home markets of their division rivals. Still, though, they rank 29th overall in the list of most-televised teams.

So yay, the Bucs are not last. Of course, their games are rarely shown outside of the South-Eastern United States, which is where the Bucs and all of their division rivals play.

Part of the reason why the Bucs aren't shown much outside of that region is that they have been absolutely terrible for the past four years, and much of the past 13 years. But that can't explain everything: the Seattle Seahawks have arguably been the best team of the past five years, and they still only rank 23rd. The Dallas Cowboys haven't done much over that period and still rank number one.

Fandom is weird and geographic. The Bucs need to start winning to get a bigger share of the market and NFL fan base, but they'll likely always be a relatively small-market team. That's fine by me. It won't stop them from winning games.