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Doug Martin wins Ground Player of the Week

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

To the surprise of no one, Doug Martin has won FedEx Ground Player of the Week for his 24-carry, 123-yard, two-touchdown day against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He also caught three passes for 35 yards and a touchdown, but that officially shouldn't matter -- even though it totally did for the fans voting.

This is the fourth time Martin's won the award, after doing so three times in 2012 in four weeks. Hopefully, this won't be the last time this year, or in his Bucs career. Martin's having a career year. He put up 1,454 rushing yards, 11 rushing touchdowns, 472 receiving yards and a receiving touchdown in 2012. He's on pace for 1,620 yards rushing yards, 12 rushing touchdowns, 376 receiving yards and four receiving touchdowns this year -- improving on every mark except the receiving yards, mostly because Charles Sims has been the Bucs' primary third-down back this year.

So congratulations, Doug Martin. Here's to hoping you rack up a few more awards this year.