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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Picks Week 6

DLT is still on vacation. Are his picks as well?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

K-9 here. The master is still on holiday so I'm back again to deliver his picks.

The master had yet another solid week of picks. Here's his picks for Week 6!

Last Week: 10-4 71%  Upset Specials: None

Season: 51-26 66%     Upset Specials: 5-4 55%

Bye week: Cowboys, Raiders, Rams, Buccaneers

Thursday Night

Falcons 40, Saints 20 - The master says Atlanta won't need the Houdini act against the Aints.


Jets 20, Washington 13 - The Washington Franchise seems close to winning...but not close enough.

Cardinals 30, Steelers 20 - The master says he things the Cardinals may be the best team in the NFC.

Vikings 20, Chiefs 17 - Without Jamal Charles, the Chiefs may struggle the rest of the season.

Bengals 23, Bills 13 - The master says the Bengals are the best regular season team in the league.

Lions 20, Bears 10 - The Lions get their first win this week.

Broncos 20, Browns 17 - The master doesn't believe in Josh McCown.

Texans 20, Jaguars 10 - The Jags continue their downward spiral.

Upset Special: Dolphins 24, Titans 20 - The Dolphins appeared to get what they wanted and respond in kind.

Seahawks 23, Panthers 20 - The Panthers undefeated luck comes to an end.

Packers 30, Chargers 17 - Green Bay continues rolling on.

Upset Special #2: 49ers 17, Ravens 14 - Two great franchises that met in the Super Bowl a few years ago, now struggling to find victories.

Sunday Night

Patriots 30, Colts 13 - The Colts are not who we thought they were.

Monday Night

Eagles 30, Giants 20 - Eagles continue their resurgence as the Giants find a way to collapse.