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Fantasy football advice: What happens to Doug Martin, Mike Evans and Bucs going forward?

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It's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' bye week, which means no directly relevant fantasy advice. Still, we can look at some of the key contributors for the Bucs this season and see where their seasons are heading.

Can Doug Martin keep up his production?

Doug Martin looks as good as he's looked since his rookie season, and is coming off one of the best fantasy performances of the year -- and he was as good as that performance on the field, too. He's been one of the best backs in the league this season, and has produced like it the past couple of games as well. You'd think that would make him one of the top backs in fantasy football as well.

There's just one problem: the Bucs keep giving the ball to Charles Sims, too. A lot. Martin has had 20+ carries in just three of the team's four games, and he's consistently come off the field on passing downs and on about a third of the running downs as well. And that's not unjustified: Sims himself has looked very good as a change-of-pace and receiving back. He's a little faster in a straight line, and arguably more explosive overall than Martin is -- but he can't replicate Martin's consistency between the tackles.

Martin's continued production relies on him getting opportunities, and it's hard to trust him given the large role Sims is getting in this offense.

How will Austin Seferian-Jenkins look after the bye?

Before his week two injury, Austin Seferian-Jenkins looked like a breakout star. The tight end was Jameis Winston's primary target, the only player on the Bucs roster who could threaten the middle of the field, and he racked up 139 yards and two touchdowns on seven catches in less than two games before injuring his shoulder. That's outstanding production for any tight end. Pro-rated over 16 games, that would come down to 1,112 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns.

Obviously, Seferian-Jenkins isn't about to get that much production, but he should play a big role in the team's offense once he's healthy. Tony Gonzalez and Marcedes Lewis had terrific seasons under Dirk Koetter, and Seferian-Jenkins had a similar role this year. Look for him to continue his breakout year once he's healthy -- which should be in week seven.

Whither wide receivers?

Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson have had really weird seasons. Evans' worst game was also his most productive, with seven catches for 107 yards being accompanied by a slew of drops and a failure to make some contested catches. Meanwhile, Jackson had just one catch this week and failed to top 60 yards in three others -- but then he managed 147 yards and a touchdown in week four against the Panthers.

It's hard to get a bead on how either player will do going forward. Evans seems to be struggling a little with his form, while Jackson is his reliable self -- but neither player is making the big, contested catches we're used to seeing out of them, despite multiple opportunities. Winston is usually capable of making those big throws, but he looked gun-shy in his latest outing.

I'd trust Evans over Winston going forward, simply because he's the more explosive player. Dirk Koetter knows how to get the ball to players like that, and Winston is usually not afraid to pull the trigger. This may just be a case of those two needing to get on the same page -- and we should see that after the bye.