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NFL Power Rankings: Buccaneers make a big jump

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Jacksonville Jaguars this week, and it gained them a tiny bit of national respect. Not too much, though.

In this week's power rankings, Danny Kelly had the Bucs ranked 26th for SB Nation (up from 31), Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio at 25 (up from 28),'s Ellliot Harrison at 26 (up from 32), ESPN at 28 (up from 32), USA Today all the way up at 23 (31 last week), CBS' Pete Prisco at 25 (up from 32) and Frank Schwab for Yahoo! at 27 (up from 28).

That's pretty good for a team that was basically dead last just last week and has struggled throughout the year. Oh what one win over a bad team can do for your national profile. Though, you know, ranking in the mid-20s is still pretty bad. Just not as bad as last year, or last week. Win a few more games, and the Bucs may find themselves in the top half of the table for the first time since probably 2012. That would be fun.