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Doug Martin stomps all over Jaguars in first half

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are leading 20-14 after one half of play in Tampa.

Doug Martin is a massive reason for the Bucs' competence on offense so far with 13 carries for 93 yards and a touchdown, as well as two catches for 23 yards and another touchdown. The rest of the offense wasn't quite cooperating early on, though. A two-yard scramble on third-and-three, a massive sack on second down (that was almost a turnover) and a bad pass on another third down limited the Bucs to just two field goal opportunities instead of actually scoring some points.

Fourth time's a charm, though: Bobby Rainey gave the Bucs the ball inside the red zone, and Doug Martin finished it off with a couple of solid runs and a ten-yard touchdown catch to get the Bucs the 13-7 lead. Maybe the Bucs should just give Doug Martin the ball on every play from now on. The fifth time, Bradley McDougald gave the Bucs the ball on a good interception in man coverage, and two solid throws by Jameis Winston gave Martin the chance to finish the Jaguars off.

Meanwhile, the Bucs defense was largely stout. Despite giving up a touchdown on one long drive, the Bucs ended two drives with sacks -- both by Howard Jones making his debut -- and a third with a great interception by Bradley McDougald. Of course, the defense can't make it easy: they gave up a touchdown drive just before the half, including allowing a 21-yard Blake Bortles run on 2nd-and-16. The Bucs had a chance to add some points after the Jaguars kicked off out of bounds, but they decided that three timeouts and forty seconds wasn't enough to gain 30 yards.

So far, the Bucs are doing well. Here's to hoping they can finish this game the way they've started it.