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Buccaneers lead Jaguars 3-0 after one quarter

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

After one quarter, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are leading the Jacksonville Jaguars 3-0 thanks to an early Connor Barth field goal. The Bucs offense has looked solid, while the defense is struggling a little more but has yet to give up points -- though the Jaguars are currently in field goal range.

A large part of that is Jameis Winston taking the easy passes, and the running game consistently gaining yards for the Bucs. Winston completed his first five passes on the game for 60 yards, taking the easy play and even dumping off the ball to great success. That only led to three points on the first two drives, but the Bucs offense still looked like a solid unit -- even the running game, despite Jacksonville's dominant run defense this year.

This looks like a solid Buccaneers team so far, and maybe their best chance to get a home win this year. Lovie Smith needs it: he has yet to win at home as a Buccaneers coach.