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The defensive problems are all about execution, not scheme and more from Stephen White

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to know what is going on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the field, you need to listen to Stephen White. And he gave a lot of his thoughts yesterday and today. First, Stephen White gave his in-depth thoughts on last night's What The Buc? show, which you can (and should) listen to here. Second, he gave a lot of his thoughts on Twitter -- which are storified below. The quick takeaways from both for those who can't listen or read the Storify:

  • Everyone took turns messing up on defense, which makes playing quality run defense impossible -- if one player is out of his gap, the defense will give up big runs.
  • The problems with the defense are all execution and not scheme- or playcall-related.
  • Mike Evans was making plays on Sunday, despite not playing his best.
  • The offensive line did well, but didn't do as well as some of the praise suggests -- there was still too much pressure which didn't result in sacks.
  • William Gholston needs to play a lot more snaps because he's absolutely destroying people against the run, while George Johnson couldn't beat a tight end in run defense.
  • The Bucs can beat the Panthers, as long as they just keep Cam Newton contained.
There's a lot more insight than that, just read the Storify below and/or listen to the What The Buc? podcast.