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Tony Dungy, John Lynch named Pro Football Hall of Fame finalists

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John Lynch and Tony Dungy are one of fifteen Pro Football Hall of Fame finalists this year. The two former Tampa Bay Buccaneers are both among the finalists for the second consecutive year.

The thirteen other modern-era finalists this year are Jerome Bettis, Morten Andersen, Terrell Davis, Kevin Greene, Charles Haley, Marvin Harrison, Jimmy Johnson, Orlando Pace, Don Coryell, Junior Seau, Will Shields, Kurt Warner and former Buccaneer Tim Brown.

The Hall of Fame will select its next five modern-era members on January 31 as a part of Super Bowl weekend. They'll also determine whether senior finalist Mick Tingelhoff will join the list, and whether contributors Bill Polian and Ron Wolf will be inducted.

Lynch and Dungy have both had very strong careers, but they face very stiff competition with several near-locks for the Hall of Fame like Junior Seau, Kurt Warner and Orlando Pace as first-time finalists, as well as strong repeate candidates like Marvin Harrison and Charles Haley.