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Why I pulled that one story

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Earlier today, we published a story about Jameis Winston's rape accusation by JC De La Torre. JC had put a lot of work into the story and went to great lengths to try to present a fair look at those allegations.

Unfortunately, I personally felt that the article fell short of doing so at times. As such, I have pulled the article until we can work on it and get it to the point where I do feel comfortable presenting it to the public. This is my decision -- so if you're angry about it, direct your anger at me. I am ultimately responsible for everything that appears on Bucs Nation, and I did not feel comfortable supporting that article in the form it appeared.

JC wanted to note that he never intended to offend anyone, and that he's genuinely sorry if he did. We'll try our best to make sure that the finished article will live up to everyone's standards.

Writing about and discussing cases of rape is very complicated. It's a very serious subject that we have to handle with great care. We're going to have to write about this issue repeatedly over the next months, and we won't shy away from it. But we're going to handle the issue with the utmost care.