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Mel Kiper, Todd McShay call Jameis Winston best on-field prospect

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Whether Jameis Winston is the best quarterback when taking everything into account is an open question, and most seem to think Marcus Mariota will get drafted before Winston. But looking at on-field talent,the consensus appears to be that Winston should get to nod. Both of ESPN's draft specialists affirmed that consensus.

Todd McShay claimed that Jameis Winston was the better prospect in a conference call on Tuesday. "Jameis Winston , to me, is the better prospect. Marcus Mariota is still a very good prospect but needs developing. They both have a chance to be great. But they both come with red flags. Winston's red flags are off the field."

Meanwhile, Mel Kiper called him "the most advanced QB in this class" in an article released today, noting that Mariota gets the nod over him based on off-field concerns. Kiper was surprisingly harsh on Winston's on-field play, though, noting that the interceptions are a problem because he "forced throws and [was] simply inaccurate" and saying that the FSU QB needs to improve his ball placement.

That didn't stop him from seeing Winston as the better on-field prospect, though.