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New York Jets interview Bucs' Jon Robinson for general manager position

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may lose their director of player personnel. Jon Robinson will interview with the New York Jets for their general manager position, the Jets announced today.

Robinson joined the Bucs after last year's draft. Robinson came over from the New England Patriots, where he'd been the director of college scouting. Robinson hasn't had an opportunity to actually do much with the Bucs -- he came to town well after free agency and the draft were over. Still, the Bucs signed a few players and made a large number of roster moves after he joined the staff.

We can't really evaluate Robinson's job or his importance to the team -- we simply don't know what he was and wasn't responsible for with the Bucs. But it's probably a good sign that other teams are looking at Tampa Bay's group of personnel executives for general manager material.