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Jameis Winston enters the 2015 NFL Draft

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Jameis Winston is now in the 2015 NFL draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will enter the 2015 NFL draft, his father told ESPN today. Winston is widely seen as one of the top two quarterback prospects for the draft, after two excellent seasons at FSU during which he won the Heisman and helped his team 26 consecutive games, before losing for the first time in his college career in the playoff game against Oregon last week.

Winston will be considered for the first overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who will have to figure whether he's better than Oregon's Marcus Mariota, and how big of a concern his off-field behavior really is. Winston was accused of rape, although several investigations concluded there was not enough to charge Winston, let alone find him guilty. He has also had multiple minor off-field incidents that call into question his overall maturity and decision-making.

But on the field, he's a very talented player. Having played in a pro-style system, the transition to the NFL will arguably be easier for him than for many other college players. Although his footwork and throwing technique need work and lead to some scattershot throws, he displays the ability to throw receivers open and deliver the ball on target, with anticipation. He can be careless with the football, however.

Is that enough to offset the character concerns? Is he better than Marcus Mariota? That's something the Bucs will have to figure out over the coming months.