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Jameis Winston won't make NFL Draft decision this week

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston's father told ESPN today that Winston is waiting to announce his decision on whether or not he'll enter the 2015 NFL draft . The Florida State quarterback has until January 15 to make a decision about his entering the draft.

Winston is likely to be a very high draft pick if he enters the draft, and there's a solid chance the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select him with the first overall pick. He's certainly a very talented player, with some significant question marks off the field. The Bucs will dig in deep to find out exactly what's going on with Winston if he does declare.

But despite his likely high draft status, Winston's declaring is far from certain. He talked about wanting to play baseball after losing to Oregon, and his father has previously insisted that the plan was for him to play until he graduated at a minimum -- and Winston has not done that yet.

h/t Tomahawk Nation