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Conflicting reports on Dirk Koetter as Bucs coordinator

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Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune also jumped in to refute these reports. So it looks like the search is still on-going.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have offered Dirk Koetter the job of offensive coordinator, according to Shawn Ferris. I don't know this person and don't have a clue how trustworthy he is, but Gil Arcia of confirmed it -- and Gil I do know. So we'll see -- it certainly looks like the Bucs' offensive coordinator search is going to come to an end fairly soon, as they've conducted at least four interviews since the Rose Bowl.

So why would Koetter not just say "yes" when offered the job? Because there's a solid chance he could hang around as the offensive coordinator in Atlanta, and coaching Matt Ryan and Julio Jones is attractive for any coordinator. The Falcons are willing to let him walk while they search for a head coach, though, and his job is far from secure.

Koetter has a long college history, which includes time spent with Oregon Ducks head coach Mark Helfrich. He's best known for leading the Falcons offense over the past three years, helping Matt Ryan take the next step. Before that he coached for the Jaguars, where managed to get some pretty decent seasons out of David Garrard before being torpedoed by Blaine Gabbert.