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Super Bowl 2015 Picks and Predictions

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Here at Bucs Nation, we've decided to try to predict the Super Bowl. I'm sure we'll all look like fools in the end, but here are some of our writers' predictions.

JC De La Torre: Seattle 30-17 - Just think with all the deflategate distractions and the talent on the Seahawks defensive side of the ball that its going to be extremely difficult for the Patriots to keep up. I expect a few Brady turnovers and Russell Wilson to be much more cautious with the football than he was in the NFC title game.

DraftPhantom: I'll go New England 28-24; for almost the same reason. Seattle always has this us against the world mentality, you see it small group leadership they constantly talk about everyone counting them out as if they are somehow underrated despite the extreme respect of most of the fans in America. On the other hand, "deflate gate" puts the entire Patriot Legacy on the line. Add to that an interminable chip on Brady's shoulder being put back there and New England's use of gadget formation and I think that carries the day.

Lee Caswell: I'll go New England 24, Seattle 21. I think Seattle's sub par receivers cost them the win in a 4th quarter shootout.

Sander Philipse: Seattle 28, New England 21. This should be a very competitive Super Bowl, but ultimately I don't think the Patriots are talented enough to beat Seattle and its stifling defense. We won't see Russell Wilson collapse for 55 minutes as he did two weeks ago, and Tom Brady doesn't have enough outside of Rob Gronkowski

So what's your prediction?

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