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The Buccaneers had just three good players last year

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus evaluated every NFL team's roster based on the amount of quality players they had. The Buccaneers came out with a shockingly low three good players: Gerald McCoy and Alterraun Verner, who both rated as elite, and Mike Evans. Yes, you read that correctly: PFF thought Lavonte David wasn't actually good last year.

This rather pessimistic view of the Bucs' talent isn't exactly uncommon right now. ESPN earlier rated the Bucs as having less young talent than nearly every other NFL team. And generally, the Bucs aren't exactly seen as a team about to turn the corner. They have some talent, but a lot of holes -- which is only natural for a team that just went 2-14 and holds the top pick in the draft.

Personally, I think the Bucs aren't nearly as far removed from relevance as people seem to think, but they do desperately need to add some talent on both offense and defense. Which is why  we'll probably see them in free agency, once again.