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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Three mocks on Marcus Mariota vs. Jameis Winston

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday, and that means people are releasing new mock drafts. So let's go over three of them.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar once again went with Jameis Winston as the Bucs' pick.

Look for this pick to remain Winston unless something comes out about the Buccaneers not liking him. For now, that doesn't exist. Winston is the draft's most pro-ready quarterback and could step into the starter's job as a rookie. Don't forget, the Buccaneers were the pick of many before last season to squeeze into the playoffs. Could a good quarterback get them there?

It makes as much sense as it did last week, or the week before. Winston probably projects better on the field, and all the off-field stuff is difficult to evaluate without access to Winston himself. Is he just immature and will he be fine, or is he Johnny Manziel or Ryan Leaf?

But then there's the rape accusation, which is not going away. Winston's accuser went public for the first time, and did so in a film that's getting quite a lot of press: The Hunting Ground. Regardless of whether or not you think he's guilty, that's some really terrible PR. Should the Bucs pay attention to PR? Perhaps not, but they do.

And that factors into Justin Pawlowski seven-round Bucs mock draft for He gives the Bucs Marcus Mariota, simply because the Bucs have played it safe off the field in recent years. The rest of his mock draft is understandable: impeccable-named Owamagbe Odighizuwa in the second round, a defensive end out of UCLA, and two offensive linemen in the third and fourth round. They fit the Bucs' needs, although I'm not sure Odighizuwa is the kind of player the Bucs want on their defensive line.

And finally, there's Pewter Report, who released a new seven-round Bucs mock draft today. They went with Jameis Winston, based on the strength of his on-field play. But they, too, mention that the Bucs (and especially the Glazers) have to agree that Winston is mature enough.

In the second round they give the Bucs Utah defensive end Nate Orchard -- a veritable sack artist with 18.5 sacks in his last season, which makes me wonder whether he'll even be available in the second round. But the surprise is that they have the Bucs waiting until the fourth round to upgrade the offensive line. Because apparently, that's a strategy that works so well.