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2015 NFL Draft: Analysis of Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston

If you like in-depth analysis of draft prospects, the above video is made specifically for you. It's Matt Waldman going through Marcus Mariota's games against Florida State and Ohio State. He lays out his process in the first fifteen minute and starts going into the actual game from around 15:00 in. This is a very long watch, but it's worth it -- if you like detailed analysis.

Incidentally, the audio cuts out at around 50:00 and comes back later -- Waldman re-recorded that audio later and you can find it here.

Matt Waldman is one of the most interesting draft evaluators out there. I often disagree with his analysis, but he always goes very, very in-depth which means we can easily follow his reasoning. He also uses a consistent structure to analyze prospects, which helps to compensate for some of those biases I talked about a few weeks ago.

Matt Waldman and the similarly outstanding Sigmund Bloom earlier looked at Jameis Winston's play against Notre Dame last year, which you can watch below. I haven't watched much of either analysis yet, because this takes lots of time, but I'm looking forward to digging in.