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Daily Bucs Links: Senior Bowl Recap

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Here's your open thread for today.

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The NFL will call a penalty on Marshawn Lynch for grabbing his crotch during the Super Bowl -
The NFL is serious about both balls-related scandals in the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick is angry he spent a week studying balls -
The New England Patriots held a press conference in which Bill Belichick reiterated that the team followed every rule in regards to the ball deflating scandal. Also, he wants you to know he handled a lot of balls this week.

7 Standouts from the Senior Bowl
Which players helped their draft stock in the 2015 Senior Bowl?

Inside The Senior Bowl: Game Recap And Impressions | Pewter Report
Find out who was impressive and helped their draft stock in Saturday's Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. The North team beat the south team at Ladd-Pebbles

NFL column: History not on Lynch’s side in Hall of Fame debate | and The Tampa Tribune
The last thing the embattled National Football League needs is another compelling safety issue.

Bucs Beat: Smith lost games but not his players’ respect | and The Tampa Tribune
TAMPA — Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith brought with him to Tampa last year a reputation for being one of the most well-liked, easy-going and highly respected coaches in the NFL.

Jameis Winston’s Rape Accuser Tells All In Sundance Documentary ‘The Hunting Ground’ - The Daily Beast
Erica Kinsman, who accused the Heisman Trophy-winning Florida State quarterback of a brutal sexual assault, opens up about her ordeal in filmmaker Kirby Dick’s harrowing doc.

Sundance 2015: In 'The Hunting Ground,' Jameis Winston's accuser goes public - LA Times

'The Hunting Ground' examines sexual assault at colleges and has Jameis Winston accuser Erica Kinsman speak publicly for first time