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Marcus Mariota not sure he'll throw at NFL Combine with sprained AC joint

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota missed the Senior Bowl after playing fifteen games this year, and now he's not sure he'll throw in the 2015 NFL combine. Mariota sprained the AC joint in his right shoulder, he told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and while he's feeling better, he may give it a little more rest.

Of course, not throwing at the combine doesn't mean not participating in other drills, nor does it mean skipping interviews and medicals -- by far the most important part of the NFL Combine.

This ultimately won't matter much. Of all the things that happen at the combine, quarterbacks throwing in scripted drills is probably the least important. The real key for Mariota will be interviews and private drills with teams, where they'll try to determine how well he'll pick up all the things he wasn't asked to do in college. Especially important for Mariota will be his grasp of NFL concepts in meetings, and his ability to drop back from under center in private workouts.