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Mike Bajakian will have input in Bucs' draft decision

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired a new quarterbacks coach, and he gave some immediate thoughts on the Bucs' draft selection.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback coach is looking forward to working with the greatest athletes in the world. Bajakian appeared on Sports Radio WNML 990 to discuss his decision to leave the Tennessee Vols for the NFL. One of the most interesting notes is that Bajakian thinks he'll have some input on the Bucs' draft picks -- which would presumably include whether and which quarterback to

"I've gotta assume I will [have input in the Bucs' draft picks]," Bajakian said. "In talking with Dirk Koetter, the offensive coordinator, and Lovie [Smith] and my previous experience with coach Smith, there's always been a sharing of ideas, a sharing of throughts. Obviously you come to a conclusion based on the information gives and everybody gets behind it 100 percent. But yeah, I'm gonna assume I'm going to have quite a bit of input."

Bajakian has primarily coached spread quarterbacks, but has experience with pro-style schemes too -- and obviously he's not actually the offensive coordinator, so there's limited relevance there. But he did imply that the Bucs would take some of those spread elements.

"You never know [whether Bajakian's zone-read experience will help]. Obviously, coach Koetter is going to be the offensive coordinator and I"m looking forward to really learning a new scheme and implementing that from scratch with very talented skill and very talented players at the Buccaneers organization."

"But I do think there's value to having my background on the staff, whether it's in communication with the defensive staff and maybe how Chip Kelly's approaching the gameplan. Or in the direction we might head offensively in our future."

So why did Bajakian leave Tennessee?

"It's the highest level," Bajakian said. "It's the best football in the world. I think everyone wants to be at the highest level, the chance to be the best of the best."

There was some mention that Bajakian could still leave for the head coaching position Central Michigan, but he appeared to shut that down in his radio interview.

"I accepted the job at Tampa Bay, called up Lovie Smith [Thursday] morning and an hour later the CMU job opened up," Bajakian said. "And because of my history there I think there was a natural connection. People within the admnistration did reach out to me and we had a conversation, but ultimately I felt like Tampa Bay was what was best for me, my career and my family."