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Buccaneers could still lose their new quarterbacks coach to Central Michigan

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Update: Bajakian doesn't sound like he wants to go anywhere.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Mike Bajakian as their quarterbacks coach yesterday, but there's still a chance they lose him. The former Tennessee Volunteers offensive coordinator is still in the picture for the job of head coach at Central Michigan, and remains interested in that job, according to Thayer Evans of Sports Ilustrated.

Losing their quarterbacks coach days after hiring him would be so very, very Bucs.

Evans reports that Bajakian was not aware that the Central Michigan job would open up when he accepted the position as Bucs quarterbacks coach. Bajakian has a long history with Central Michigan, having spent two tenures there as a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, during '02-'03 and '07-'09, respectively.

If Bajakian does move on, the Bucs will be stuck without a quarterbacks coach, again, and they'll have to continue their search while the Senior Bowl is over. The Senior Bowl traditionally functions as sort of jobs fair for assistant NFL coaches.

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