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Buccaneers hire Andrew Weidinger as offensive quality control coach

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Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired a new offensive quality control coach in Andrew Weidinger, according to Greg Auman. Weidinger's spent his career handling quality control aspects for the Atlanta Falcons, doing that the past seven years. The Falcons website describes his tasks as helping where he can, as well as "managing data, research, daily practice scripts, schedules, calendars and assisting with the tight ends."

Auman notes that the Bucs will also hang on to Ben Steele, who was the team's offensive quality control coach last year.

Of course, these are rather minor hires. The Bucs have one big vacancy yet to fill: the position of quarterbacks coach. Marcus Arroyo is the only coach they've fired so far, so when they find a QB coach they should have a complete staff -- assuming they don't change their minds on some of the other assistants.