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Lavonte David second in NFL in defeats

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In 2013, Lavonte David was all over the field. With sevens sacks, five interceptions and two forced fumbles, he created a ridiculous amount of splash plays for a 4-3 outside linebacker. But this year all of those numbers declined, as Lovie Smith used him a less aggressive but no less important fashion. David was the spitting image of Derrick Brooks this season, which means he was making tackle after tackle and everywhere on the field -- just not making as many splash plays as he did previously.

Except, according to Football Outsiders, David put up 42 defeats, defined as a tackle for loss, a sack, any third- or fourth-down stop and any turnover or batted pass that leads to an interception. Basically, it measures splash plays. And those 42 defeats not only ranked second in the league behind J.J. Watt's 43, they were pretty close to his 2013 numbers: 50 defeats, a record for a linebacker. And David managed to rack up those 42 defeats in just 14 games. Pro-rated over a full 16-game season, David was on track to put up 48 defeats.

And despite all of that, David was once again snubbed by Pro Bowlers -- and All-Pro voters this time, too.