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Buccaneers 2011 draft class looks like a pretty miserable failure

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Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Mark Dominik's tenure is looking worse by the year. We already know that the 2009 NFL draft was a complete and utter failure. The only player from that draft to even be in the NFL at this point is Roy Miller, and he's a competent but not great starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 2010 draft was better, but mostly just because of Gerald McCoy -- no other player from that class is still with the Bucs.

Now that it's 2014, we're seeing all the contracts of the 2011 draft class run out this year. And surprise, surprise: the Bucs don't have any of their 2011 draftees under contract anymore. Ahmad Black, Allen Bradford, Daniel Hardy and Anthony Gaitor had been cut before this year. And now Adrian Clayborn, Da'Quan Bowers, Mason Foster and Luke Stocker are no longer under contract.

Of those players, Luke Stocker's the only one who we can realistically expect to be re-signed -- and only as a blocking tight end with a special teams role. Adrian Clayborn has been a disappointment as a first-round pass-rusher throughout his career, although to be fair to him, he missed two seasons with injury including last year. But Clayborn never really looked a difference-maker at defensive end, in spite of all the effort he showed.

Da'Quan Bowers' career has been similarly injury-plagued. The second-rounder flashed some potential at times, but could never turn that potential into production or even consistent playing time. This past year he's primarily played at three-technique as a backup, which he's done adequately -- but not well enough to stick around for anything more than a minimum salary.

The only player who's been fairly successful is Mason Foster, who has been a competent starter for four years now. But he's never been more than competent: a player who will largely do what you ask him to do, but who won't excel -- and someone who's always struggled in man coverage, and to cover the deep middle of the field. He'll make someone happy for a few years as a decent starting linebacker, but that probably won't be with the Bucs.

As of right now, the Bucs do not have any of their 2011 draftees under contract, nor any undrafted free agents from that draft class signed during that year. That constitutes one miserable failure.