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NFL Rumors: If Chip Kelly becomes available, don't expect Buccaneers to bite

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There are lots of rumors about Chip Kelly leaving the Philadelphia Eagles, but don't expect the Bucs to bite.

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Update: The Eagles announced that Chip Kelly has been given more control of personnel. So it looks like the Eagles head coach has managed to leverage the chaos for more power.

Reports are coming out that something is very, very wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles. It's so wild that Bleeding Green Nation now has a story stream called "Eagles Power Struggle Saga." It started when the Eagles fired Vice President of Player Personnel Tom Gamble yesterday, someone supposedly hand-picked Chip Kelly. Since then we've seen a lot of reports on tension in the Eagles -- including rumors that Chip Kelly could be out in Philly.

Naturally, those rumors progressed to speculation that the Buccaneers would take a look at Kelly if he was let go by the Eagles, or quit, or in some other manner landed on the open market. So what's up with that?

Reasons this makes sense

The Bucs pursued Chip Kelly three years ago before he left them at the altar and they were forced to go crawling to Greg Schiano. And now they hold the first overall pick, which means they could select Kelly's protege Marcus Mariota at quarterback. Perfect marriage, right? The Bucs would have an explosive offense with a scheme that fits their quarterback perfectly, something they haven't in, well, ever.

That's all assuming that Chip Kelly even leaves Philadelphia, which isn't even all that likely in the first place.

Reasons this doesn't make sense

Everything else, basically. The Bucs signed Lovie Smith to three-year deal. They overhauled the roster this past year to fit what he wanted to do. They expressed no interest in moving on from him, and instead are looking for a new offensive coordinator to pair with Lovie Smith. If they did fire Smith to sign Kelly, they'd have to pay him, and Chip Kelly, and Greg Schiano -- and they'd probably have to fight general manager Jason Licht, too.

To make matters worse, they'd have to fire Lovie Smith to even go after Chip Kelly -- and there's no guarantee they'd even land him. In fact, their willingness to turn their back on a coach they gave a lot of money and placed a lot of faith in would not speak to the stability and desirability of this job, either.

The other option is that they approach Chip Kelly to be their offensive coordinator. Unfortunately for the Bucs, he's probably going to be offered every single NFL head coaching job out there if he becomes available -- and then every college job, too. So there's basically no chance of that happening.

What does make sense?

Instead of going after Chip Kelly, the Bucs are more likely to look at one of his assistants for their offensive coordinator position. Specifically, Eagles coordinator Pat Shurmur and Eagles quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave. Both are veteran NFL coaches who have been exposed to Chip Kelly's system and would be able to bring at least parts of Kelly's scheme to Tampa. And that would be very beneficial for Marcus Mariota -- if that's the quarterback they want.