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Titans deny Buccaneers request to interview Mike Mularkey

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have denied the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' request to interview tight ends coach Mike Mularkey for their offensive coordinator position, according to Ian Rapoport. Teams can deny requests for interviews for any position that is not a head coaching position.

The Bucs shouldn't be too sad about that development. Mularkey's a solid-enough coordinator, but he's hardly the stuff of legends. Tampa Bay is set to interview Dirk Koetter tomorrow, and the Buccaneers reportedly have interest in a long list of coordinators. That list includes Marc Trestman, Marty Mornhinweg, Greg Roman, Rob Chudzinski and Brad Childress. Lovie Smith also indicated that they could look at some college coordinators, too.

Whichever coordinator the Bucs do end up selecting will likely have the task of developing a rookie quarterback into a franchise passer. The Bucs are going to try to get that decision sorted as soon as possible, but they don't want to be too hasty, either.