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NFL Draft 2015: Jameis Winston says he's looking forward to playing baseball

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

After losing to Oregon in the Rose Bowl, Jameis Winston was asked about his intentions regarding the 2015 NFL draft. His response? "I'm not focused on that at all. I'm looking forward to next season and playing baseball," per Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times (h/t Pro Football Talk).

The deadline to enter the draft is January 2015. But returning to school for another year may help him develop as an NFL prospect, too -- keeping his nose clean for a year will help answer questions about his off-field demeanor, and it's important to note that he's only been a starter for two years.

While we've all been focused on Winston's prospects as an NFL quarterback, he's been a two-sport athlete his entire career and has played baseball for FSU for the past two years. He's generally considered a pro prospect in that sport as well, although he's probably a better quarterback. There have been rumblings that he's thoroughly committed to baseball for months.

That presents a real problem for the NFL, too. If you're an NFL quarterback, you almost certainly can't at the same time be a pro baseball player. The position demands too much time and dedication to do so.  You have to be the face of a franchise and the leader of a team, and you can't do that if you're off playing baseball somewhere else.

If Winston doesn't enter the draft, the Bucs will at least have an easier decision with the number one overall pick: rather than think about which quarterback they'd prefer, they only have to decide whether Marcus Mariota is worth the number one pick.

Or maybe Winston's just trolling everyone.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Winston couldn't play baseball if he entered the draft. That's not entirely clear -- although he will lose his eligibility if he hires an agent. It would also hinder his draft preparation, though that may not be a big deal for him.