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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Could the Buccaneers trade back?

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Kadar's latest mock draft has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picking Jameis Winston with the first overall pick, and he has the Tennessee Titans at number two trading down instead of picking Marcus Mariota.

Staying with the same No. 1 pick from last week. Winston to Tampa Bay is starting to become more common than Marcus Mariota. But the the debate about the two will continue to rage on.

It's just January and I'm already slightly tired by this debate. But Kadar presents us with an alternative: a team could trade up for a quarterback. For that to happen, the Bucs would first have to be convinced that neither Marcus Mariota nor Jameis Winston can be relied upon to become a franchise quarterback. And then they'd have to find a team willing to pay a hefty price to move up.

One such team might be the Cleveland Browns. With two first-round picks in this year's draft, they have the ammunition to move up. Kadar has them turning to the Tennessee Titans at number two, but there's no reason why they wouldn't look to the Bucs instead -- especially so if they're enamored with one of the two quarterbacks, specifically.

That trade back would help the Bucs in other ways, too. There's no offensive lineman 'worth' a top three pick, let alone a first overall pick, but at number 12 and 19 the Bucs could pick up a quality starting lineman like Miami's Ereck Flowers or Pittsburgh's T.J. Clemmings. And as an alternative to Mariota and Winston, they might look at UCLA's Brett Hundley or a similar raw project at quarterback later in the draft.

Of course, that'd still leave them with the same problem they've had since the start of this franchise: a lack of a franchise quarterback. Which is kind of important in today's NFL.