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The Buccaneers are set to overhaul their offensive staff

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Update: Jenna Laine saw four offensive coaches at practice, including George Warhop.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired a new offensive coordinator in Dirk Koetter last week, which means they can probably get started on overhauling their offensive coaching staff. Koetter won't be doing that himself, but he'll certainly have a say in it -- and he's the guy who's going to have to oversee everyone.

Which is why it's interesting that Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune hasn't seen a single offensive coach at the East-West Shrine practices in Tampa this week, despite seeing several defensive coaches. And Gil Arcia of The Bay Cave decided to chime in with this tweet:

The writing's on the wall, seemingly. The question is just for whom.

One likely casualty is George Warhop,who coached one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. That's not all his fault: he didn't exactly get the best players to work with, and he was a successful coach with the Browns for the five previous years. But a year like this is hard to shake off. One possible replacement is Tony Sparano, the former Raiders and Dolphins head coach who was rumored to become the Bucs' offensive line coach last year. I think JoeBucsFan was the first to make that connection among the media, and it makes lots of sense.

Another potential casualty is quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo. He's inexperienced, had a long history with Jeff Tedford, and struggled as the de facto offensive coordinator. That's not really fair to him as he was handed a pretty terrible situation, but he didn't exactly give the Bucs a reason to hang on to him, either. Tight ends coach Jon Embree is a little non-descript in my memory, but I feel like he got some pretty solid play out of the tight ends the Bucs had.

Coaches who almost certainly won't be fired? Receivers coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker did an excellent job this past year with Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson and Louis Murphy. Running backs coach Tim Spencer has a very long history with Lovie Smith, and was actually with him at the college football national championship, too.

Update: @bdmf36 pointed out this Greg Auman tweet, so I guess Jon Embree is probably staying:

Auman later noted that he also saw Andrew Hayes-Stoker, but no other offensive coach.