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Daily Bucs Links: Tedford speaks

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Here's your open thread for today.

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Top Trick Plays in Bucs History

First franchise quarterback in Buccaneers history? - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blog - ESPN
The Bucs could come away from the draft with a franchise quarterback for the first time in team history. " Blog Archive " Jeff Tedford Talks To Joe; Says Lovie Didn’t Want Him To "Disrupt Continuity" - Tampa Bay Bucs Blog, Bucccaneers News
Tedford painted a picture of himself yearning to do everything he could to help the Bucs and stay employed with Tampa Bay, but Lovie Smith was hesitant and encouraged him to step aside. " Blog Archive " Mark Dominik: Bucs Must Draft A QB - Tampa Bay Bucs Blog, Bucccaneers News
Last night, co-hosting "Late Hits" with Alex Marvez, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio, a Bucs fan called in to discuss the draft — after he told Dominik how much he missed him in the front office. Dominik said in his eyes the choice is clear. The Bucs must select a quarterback.

Ex-Bucs star Barber still likes team’s potential | and The Tampa Tribune
Despite a 2-14 mark that earned the Bucs the first overall pick in the 2015 draft, Ronde Barber said he hasn’t lost any confidence in head coach Lovie Smith and suggested Tampa Bay’s dismal record was quite misleading.

Marcus Mariota scouting report: Strengths and weaknesses heading into NFL | NFL | Sporting News
NFL clubs take a risk-averse approach to drafting a quarterback, yet they still haven't had a great track record with drafting quarterbacks the past 10 years. Mariota is the rare player who offers safety and potential. He far exceeds the requirements to be considered a first-round quarterback.

The 8 baddest dudes in the NFL playoffs -
Ladies and gentlemen, retired NFL defensive end Stephen White presents the best and brightest in the trenches from the 2015 NFL Divisional round of games, the Hoss Honor Roll.

Football family: Father and sons coached Pocatello teams - Football family: Father and sons coached Pocatello teams: Members
It's a Thanksgiving touchstone forged with touchdowns.