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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Jameis Winston's turn to go first overall

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In Dan Kadar's latest mock draft, he had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers passing on Marcus Mariota in favor of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

The only know about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is that they need a franchise quarterback. Which one, exactly, will be debated for the next few months. Despite throwing 18 interceptions as a redshirt sophomore, Winston obviously possesses a high level of talent. You can argue he makes more impressive NFL-style throws than Marcus Mariota and is physically more ready for the NFL. We're going to keep going back and forth on where Winston falls, regardless of how people may personally perceive him.

A few weeks ago, basically every mock draft had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picking Marcus Mariota. Not necessarily because of on-field play, but often because of off-field concerns. We still don't know how the NFL views Winston's off-field behavior, and we probably won't have any certainty for the next months. Which means this pick makes as much sense as Mariota -- or Leonard Williams, for that matter.

Pewter Report decided to put out a seven-round mock draft today, and they had Winston as the Bucs' first pick, too. It's their second-round pick I find more interesting: Florida State tackle Cameron Erving.

Pewter Report calls Erving a "franchise-caliber left tackle," but if he is, he wouldn't last until the second round. Even the top of the second round. That's not to say Erving wouldn't make sense, but he's more likely to be a good fit at guard or right tackle than at left tackle. That shouldn't bother the Bucs too much: Demar Dotson is probably capable of playing some good footbal on the left side.

But the Bucs certainly do need offensive line help, and I"d be shocked if they don't grab at least one offensive lineman in this draft. Erving is as good as any lineman likely to be available in the second round.