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On Dirk Koetter's time with the Jaguars and Falcons

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With a new offensive coordinator come new offensive schemes, and new players. But we don't even really know what kind of coach Dirk Koetter is, so how can we know what he'll do with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Why, by asking other writers, of course.

Alfie Crow from Big Cat Country was kind enough to explain a few things for us on Koetter's five-year tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When Dirk Koetter was hired by the Jaguars he was met with a lot of hope and promise because of the wide open offenses he had in college at Arizona State and Boise State. He was seen as more of a passing game guru that would push the ball down the field and was thought to be a good mesh with then quarterback Byron Leftwich. Fast forward to the season and the team made a shocking switch at the QB position and went with David Garrard. Garrard wasn't the best downfield thrower but he had his best season of his career with 18 touchdowns and 3 picks, but a lot of it was easy safe throws.

The team ran the ball well and didn't ask the quarterback to do too much during his tenure, but personally I think that was more on the quarterback than Koetter. When Koetter left to Atlanta when the Jaguars gutted their coaching staff, he had the parts he needed to execute his style of offense which was pushing the ball down the field. With a better quarterback in Matt Ryan, Koetter was able to get a lot out of the passing game while mixing in some of the running game.

I was kind of hoping he'd be in the running to come back to Jacksonville as the OC, but knew it was unlikely. I was always a fan of his and wanted him to be the guy when the Jaguars hired him. For all intents and purposes, Koetter got blood from a stone with the Jaguars offense from 2007-2011 looking back at what he had to work with.

With a potential No. 1 QB, Mike Evans and some others on the Bucs he should be a good fit. Personally I would say that Jameis Winston probably fits Koetter's style more than Marcus Mariota. Winston is a smart passer (yeah, the INTs I know, but overall) and pushes the ball down the field. That was a big thing with Koetter, it wasn't a ton of screens and dump offs, he did a lot of four verts and attacking the seam.

Dave Choate of The Falcoholic was a little less complimentary, but he was still positive about Koetter's tenure with the Falcons.

Koetter is a smart, creative offensive mind and a good motivator. I know he's well-regarded around the league, and he mostly does a nice job of putting his QBs in position to succeed.

The downside is that while his play calling can be very creative, he's prone to falling into predictable patterns. You'll see runs up the middle to set up the pass, and the effectiveness of the pass is heavily dependent on his receivers running crisp routes and buying the QB enough time.

Overall, he's a good coordinator, but he needs to have the right personnel to really succeed.

If you want to see more Falcons reactions and that of their fans, head on over to Jeanna Thomas' writeup on Koetter leaving on The Falcoholic.

So having that read, what do you think? Is Koetter the right choice for the Bucs?