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NFL Power Rankings 2014: Week 2 sees Buccaneers drop like a stone

Surprisingly, losing to Derek Anderson and the Carolina Panthers is not good for your power ranking.

Cliff McBride

The latest NFL Power Rankings are in and, surprise: when you lose your first game to a backup quarterback who hasn't started a game in four years, you're going to look bad. No one seems particularly high on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers right now.

SB Nation's power rankings have the Buccaneers 27th. At least they're not last!

The Lovie Smith era in Tampa Bay, complete with new uniforms, a few exciting new players and a revamped scheme, got off to a dud of a start with the Buccaneers' Week 1 loss to the Derek Anderson-led Panthers. Josh McCown made some sloppy, careless mistakes, throwing two interceptions and fumbling twice (both recovered), en route to a lackluster performance. The good news for Bucs fans is that it can't likely get worse on that side of the football, and Tampa Bay just has too much talent to play like that again.

Hey, at least they're optimistic about the Bucs' chances. And I'd agree with them: I wouldn't expect Josh McCown to throw two ill-advised interceptions each game (and a third stupid pass that didn't turn into an interception). Probably one is more realistic. And I wouldn't expect Mike Jenkins to be made to look like a glorified signpost by Kelvin Benjamin ever week, mostly because I'd expect Johnthan Banks to actually do the playing from now on.

Other outlets are largely negative on the Bucs, too. Pete Prisco dropped them six spots to number 29 after that loss. Bleeding Green Nation also dropped them six spots, down to..number 19. Huh. And other outlets have yet to post their power rankings.