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Buccaneers GIFS from the Madden GIFERATOR: Gerald McCoy waves to his haters

Madden NFL 15 has released the "GIFERATOR" and it's pretty great. Here are some of my creations.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Madden NFL 15 and EA Sports have released the "Madden 15 GIFERATOR," which lets people like me, who can't make GIFS, make cool GIFS and funny jokes on the Internet. Here are just a couple of the ones I've created so far.


Josh McCown is so hot, he scoffs at your "future of the franchise."


You know who you are.


This one was just too easy.


Don't worry about Doug. He'll be fine.


Seriously, Payton, you need to get this under control.


I think the Carolina Panthers' home scorekeeper just credited Luke for a tackle by watching this GIF.

Now it's time for you to make your own. Head over to the GIFERATOR and make some GIFs, and post the links (not the full images, so we don't kill everyone's computers) in the comments, or post them on Twitter and tag me (@LeoHowell8) so I can laugh at the best ones.

Have fun, and bonus points for making fun of Bucs rivals!