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Buccaneers season prediction: has Tampa Bay done enough?

Since we're just a few days removed from the start of the 2014 NFL season, so now we get to talk about how good the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be this season.

Vaughn Ridley

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers start their first season under Lovie Smith on Sunday. NFL football is almost here! Real football! With the Bucs!

So now that the season is almost here, now that every relevant roster move has been made, now that we know what every other team will look like, now that we know everything there is to know: how many games are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going to win this year?

Personally, I think the Bucs are heading for a 9-7 season. A definite improvement on last year. A chance to do more. And most likely, a fight for a wild card playoff spot at the end of the season. They have a talented roster, healthy players and quality coaches. There's no real reason why they couldn't have a good season right now.

Week 1: Carolina Panthers - W

Week 2: St. Louis Rams - W

Week 3: at Atlanta Falcons - L

Week 4: at Pittsburgh Steelers - L

Week 5: at New Orleans Saints - L

Week 6: Baltimore Ravens - W

Week 7: Bye

Week 8: Minnesota Vikings - W

Week 9: at Cleveland Browns - W

Week 10: Atlanta Falcons -W

Week 11: at Washington - W

Week 12: at Chicago Bears - L

Week 13: Cincinnati Bengals - W

Week 14: at Detroit Lions - W

Week 15: at Carolina Panthers - L

Week 16: Green Bay Packers - L

Week 17: New Orleans Saints - L

So what do you think? How many games will the Bucs win this year? And will they make the playoffs?