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DLT's Deadlocks - 2014 NFL Week 1 Picks

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there folks, its football season again and that means it's time for some good ole fashioned pigskin prognostication. If you missed it last season, I did okay, nailing 66% of my picks, including a surprising 58% of my upset specials.

This year's goal: Not to suck. The secondary goal: Get to 70%. Of course that's easier said than done, but hey, we're not picking point spreads here (and please for the love of humanity, do not bet based on my picks. I half-ass this as it is, I wouldn't want you to lose your house because I picked against the Seahawks).

So there it is and as of right now, I'm 100% correct. Let's see how long I can stay that way.

Thursday Night

Upset Special: Packers 23, Seahawks 13 - Apparently, it won't be long.


Saints 40, Falcons 13 - Don't count me among those pundits who believe injuries were the only problem for the Atlanta Falcons last season.

Rams 13, Vikings 3 - The Scams are going to have to win ugly with In-a-Sling Sammy out again.

Steelers 16, Browns 6 - And the first call for Johnny Money Fingers is made.

Eagles 36, Jaguars 13 - Nick Foles proves last season was no fluke.

Jets 20, Raiders 10 - Rex Ryan vs. Derek Carr.

Bengals 21, Ravens 13 - Bengals get off on the right foot on the road.

Bears 30, Bills 13 - Must not see tv.

Texans 20, Redskins 13 - Clowney breaks RG3 into RG2.

Chiefs 23, Titans 13 - Ah, the Flaming Thumbtacks. I how I missed thee.

Patriots 30, Dolphins 20 - Same old Patriots. Same old Mammals.

Buccaneers 16, Panthers 9 - Bucs will have to win uglier than their uniforms early on.

49ers 49, Cowboys 6 - And the destruction of the Cowboys defense begins...

Sunday Night

Broncos 26, Colts 16 - Peyton's number one target may be a Molly popping concussion magnet, but he's Peyton....and it's the Colts.

Monday Night

Lions 30, Giants 10 - The firing of Coughlin begins.

Cardinals 21, Chargers 13 - Cards win the game no one will stay up to watch.