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Lovie Smith does not regret starting Josh McCown over Mike Glennon

The Bucs' head coach did not commit to his "future" quarterback on a Monday after his comeback victory over Pittsburgh.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came from behind to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, with Mike Glennon moving the ball down the field on a crucial final drive. But that's not enough to get Lovie Smith to name him the long-term starter for the Buccaneers.

During a Monday press conference at One Buccaneer Place, Lovie Smith was asked to name a starting quarterback when Josh McCown returns to health, but declined to do so. He said that "Josh isn't back yet" and noted that he would pick the best player available each week. Since McCown is still sidelined with a hand injury, Smith will likely continue to deflect this question until he returns and is throwing in practice.

The Buccaneers head coach was then asked if he regretted starting Josh McCown to begin the season over Mike Glennon, and reiterated that McCown won the preseason competition and deserved the job, and that there were no regrets.

He then noted that Glennon is still the future of the franchise at quarterback, and liked how he was able to finish strong, getting the win by making good throws when it mattered most. But he would prove just how unwilling he is to make definitive statements about the team's situation under center when asked about Glennon's arm strength.

During the press conference, Lovie asked Rick Stroud how far he thought Mike Glennon could throw the ball, and when Stroud answered, Smith said "That's a pretty good guess," but didn't give the correct answer. Expect little to no commitment or information about the quarterback situation from the veteran head coach this season, with that humorous example as just one point of proof.