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Numbers That May Only Interest Me - Lovie's Losing

How have Lovie Smith's teams fared with prolonged losing streaks and coming off blow out losses?

Cliff McBride

I don't know if these will interest anyone else, but I did some research on how Lovie's teams have handled blowout losses in the past.

First, this seems to have happened a lot to Lovie's teams over his career. There will be clunkers, folks. It just seems to happen.

11 times Lovie's teams suffered a loss of 20 or more points. The good news is the following week, they posted a record of 7-4. So typically, they bounced back. Previous to Thursday Night, Lovie's worst loss in the NFL was a 45-10 loss in 2009 to the Cincinnati Bengals. The next week, the Bears bounced back and pounded their oppenent, Cleveland, 30-6.

2009 was a particularly bad year for the Bears, where they suffered not one, not two but four losses of 20 or more. They were 3-1 following those losses.

This isn't to suggest the Bucs will beat Pittsburgh this week, but I will say that only once in 11 attempts were the Bears blown out again following the previous blowout loss.

Lovie's Blowout Losses
2006 @ Minnesota Vikings 10 34 Lost the next week 29-21
2007 Dallas Cowboys 10 34 Lost the next week 37-27
2008 @ Green Bay Packers 3 37 Won the next week 27-3
2008 @ Minnesota Vikings 14 34 Won the next week 23-10
2009 @ Cincinnati Bengals 10 45 Won the next week 30-6
2009 Arizona Cardinals 21 41 Lost the next week 19-10
2009 @ Minnesota Vikings 10 36 Won the next week 17-9
2009 @ Baltimore Ravens 7 31 Won the next week 36-30
2010 New England Patriots 7 36 Won the next week 40-14
2011 Seattle Seahawks 14 38 Lost the next week 35-21
2012 @ San Francisco 49ers 7 32 Won the next week 28-10

While researching this, I saw some other interesting anomalies. The Bucs are currently on a 3 game losing streak under Lovie (we're not counting the 3 game losing streak to end the season by Schiano, so in a sense the Bucs are on a six game skid, by I digress).

Lovie has had losing streaks of three or more games six times in his NFL career. His teams have never made the playoffs in seasons where he had a losing streak of 3 or more games. The best finish was Lovie's final year in Chicago where the team finished 10-6. The worst was his first year, where they finished 5-11.

Year Losing Streak Length Final Record
2004 two four game losing streaks 5-11
2007 3 game losing streak 7-9
2009 4 game losing streak 7-9
2011 5 game losing streak 8-8
2012 3 game losing streak 10-6