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Bucs Nation Radio: Falcons Beatdown, Rash Decisions and Chinese Takeout

The guys are back with another podcast, and they can only laugh to forget about the pain of an 0-3 football team.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to 0-3 in embarrassing fashion against the Atlanta Falcons, and Ken and Leo (and Ken's dog) are here to talk about it, and consider what changes and decisions should be made in the wake of this embarrassing game.

The guys talk about what must be done from here, and how the Bucs rebound after an embarrassing defeat. Ken is in favor of rash decisions, while Leo tries to talk him off the ledge.

The Steelers are up next for the Bucs, and one of the hosts thinks the Bucs will win, while the other is willing to put his Twitter avatar on the line saying that they won't win and score the amount of points predicted. You decide Leo's avatar fate in the comments below!

You can listen to the podcast below, or listen/download from StitcheriTunes or BlogTalkRadio. Be sure to leave comments with questions and jokes for our next episode.