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Fantasy football advice: Doug Martin vs. Bobby Rainey?

Against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Doug Martin should take his old job back.

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Cliff McBride

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should have Doug Martin back healthy on Sunday, as the running back has been participating fully in the past two practices. And that means we have another (fantasy) football running back controversy: Bobby Rainey, who's been racking up yardage in Martin's absence, or Doug Martin.

The answer is easy: Doug Martin will get the starting job back, if perhaps with some fewer carries. Sure, Martin didn't look great against the Carolina Panthers, but Rainey only managed 12 yards on four carries against them. And Rainey didn't look stellar against the Falcons, either. Mostly, he was great against the Rams in week two -- but the Rams have an awful run defense. And that fits with what we saw last year: Rainey had a few spectacular games against terrible defense, and then did nothing over the rest of the season.

One other problem for Rainey is that he now has three fumbles in three games. That's just not acceptable, and it will cut into his playing time. Meanwhile, Doug Martin hasn't fumbled -- though he didn't look great in the snaps he did get, either. There's an argument to be made that he's a better fit for a power run scheme rather than this zone-based scheme.

Even so, he'll get the starting load if he's healthy, and it sure looks like he is. And that means you can put him right back in your starting lineups. Yes, even against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have been allowing 5.1 yards per carry and 130 rushing yards per game. If the Bucs can keep the game close, as they managed to do the first two weeks, you should see a big workload for the Muscle Hamster.

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