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The Buccaneers are not a well-crafted team

We want to talk about well-crafted? The Bucs are not that.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The most well-crafted aspect of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Well....there's....uhm....that.....huh.

Nope, sorry, the Bucs haven't been well-crafted at all. Unless you count the press conferences. Both their defensive execution and their offensive communication have been a total mess. They've been devastated by injuries, were blown out by the Atlanta Falcons and beaten by two backup quarterbacks. They even allowed to blocked special teams play in just three weeks of play.

One hope we can cling to: Lovie Smith is an experienced head coach who has proven that he can create a well-crafted team. He's faced adversity before. He's brought teams back from the brink. And he knows what he's doing, even if the evidence currently points in a slightly different direction. All we can hope is that he can get the team playing the way it needs to play before it's entirely too late.

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