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DLT's DEADLOCKS - NFL Picks Week 4 2014

DLT rebounded from an average week with a slightly better than average week. Who are the upsets this week?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there true believers! Well, last week I rebounded from my purely mediocre performance to put up a better than mediocre performance of 11-5 and 2-2 in my upset specials.

Let's see what the ole darboard has in store for us this go 'round.

Last Week: 11-5 69%  Upset Specials: 2-2 50%

Season: 30-18 62%  Upset Specials: 3-4 43%

Byes: Cardinals, Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Seahawks, Rams

Thursday Night

Redskins 30, Giants 16 - The TNF football games have been a decided advantage for the home teams so far this season. I'm going to assume the trend continues.


Packers 27, Bears 24 - The Meat Packers desperately need to win this game or their season may be going swirly.

Texans 23, Bills 16 - Buffalo, I thought you had something. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the Bills.

Colts 30, Titans 20 - The Colts have finally gotten on the board. The Flaming Thumbtacks proved to be what we thought they were.

Ravens 23, Panthers 14 - Yep, I'm back to doubting the Panthers again. They get beaten by the Ravens (ooh, too soon?)

Upset Special: Jets 23, Lions 20 - I don't trust the Lions on the road anymore.

Steelers 34, Buccaneers 13 - Good News Bucs fans! The team is getting better! They lose by half as many points as they lost last week.

Raiders 20, Dolphins 16 - The Mammals can't figure out their QB situation. Finally, the Committment to Excrement crew have something on the opposition.

Chargers 30, Jaguars 20 - I want so badly for the Jags fans to get some wins. Bortles I think will give hope, but San Diego will get the W.

Upset Special #2: Eagles 30, 49ers 20 - Little surprised the Iggles are heavy road dogs to a Niners team that has been hardly impressive thus far.  Philly will probably fall behind early and blow it open in the second half. It's been their m.o. this season.

Falcons 17, Vikings 13 - FACT. Falcons can only play offense in their dome. Another FACT. They won't need an offense against Peter-less Peterson-less Vikings team.

Sunday Night

Saints 40, Cowboys 20 - Let's see, Drew Brees vs. that horrible Dallas defense. Hmmmm....

Monday Night

Patriots 27, Chiefs 13 - I just can't stop picking the Patriots to win.