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NFL Power Rankings 2014, week 4: We're not the worst!

Week four's power rankings don't like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers much.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Hurray! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren't the worst team in the NFL! At least according to most power rankings. You see, there's always the Jacksonville Jaguars -- and the Oakland Raiders.

SB Nation's Danny Kelly has the Bucs 30th. Bleeding Green Nation has lost faith, ranking them 31st. CBS Sports' Pete Prisco lists them 30th. And Yahoo!'s Frank Schwab has them come in....32nd. The worst team in the league.

No surprise, here. When you get pounded into the dirt on national television, no one's going to think you're any good. The Bucs had best find a way to reverse course if they want to get away from the bottom of the league, either in national perception or in the actual standings.

Lovie Smith has said there will be changes. We don't know what they are. We can only hope they'll be sufficient in changing whatever needs changing. One thing will help: a few players returning from injury, at some point.