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The Future is Now: It's time for the Buccaneers to bench Josh McCown in favor of Mike Glennon

While Mike Glennon certainly has his faults it's time to see if all "the quarterback of the future" talk has any merit. There is absolutely no reason to keep trotting the journeyman McCown out there hoping he can relive the magic of his season with the Bears in 2013.

"It's okay kid. It literally can't get any worse."
"It's okay kid. It literally can't get any worse."
Kevin C. Cox

I know Mike Glennon is a very divisive player for us Buccaneers' fans, especially those of us here at Bucsnation, but we're all in agreement here right? Josh McCown has proven to be extremely ineffectual at the helm of this football team. For a guy who was supposedly going to come in here and take care of the football, he's thrown four interceptions in two and a half games. Glennon threw his fourth interception last year in his sixth start, as a rookie. He didn't throw his fifth interception until his ninth start. There's not a doubt in my mind that McCown would have thrown another pick or two if he had played in the second half last night. (And I know Glennon got away with a couple as well.)

The point is Glennon takes better care of the football. This isn't something new with McCown. This is exactly the type of quarterback he's been for his whole career with the exception of his magical run in Chicago last season. He's only twice completed a season with a positive touchdown to interception ratio in his career: last year with his phenomenal 13:1 and in 2004 in Arizona with 11:10.

Maybe we can't agree that Glennon is a better quarterback, but I will hope that we can at least agree that they're somewhat comparable to each other. If you take that viewpoint, I hope that you also believe it's time to start Glennon. The Bucs were supposedly so high on Glennon this offseason they turned down multiple trade offers for him in the 2013 draft. They repeatedly call him the quarterback of the future. Well, the future is now. Just three games into the 2014 season and it's obvious to everyone that this team couldn't fight it's way out of the paper bags that are already adorning the heads of fans in RayJay.

It's time to see what the Bucs have in Glennon. He should get these thirteen games to audition for "quarterback of the future". Depending on how he looks we'll get to gauge whether or not we're going to take a quarterback with our top three pick (yeah, I said it) in 2015. If he plays terribly we'll know it's time to panic.  If he plays decently we'll know we have a solid backup. If he plays phenomenally we'll know we can go with the best player available and get a stud.

No matter what happens with the rest of this season, there are absolutely ZERO reasons to keep trotting out Josh McCown. He is a 35 year old QB with 61 starts that has averaged just 151.6 yards per game in those starts with a 52:49 touchdown to interception ratio. He isn't the answer for the future and he doesn't even give the team a better chance to win now.

I hope we're all in agreement here, but I look forward to hearing your opinions below in the comments section.