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Josh McCown injury: Bucs QB heads to locker room, Mike Glennon relieves him

Mike Glennon will come in for Josh McCown on the next offensive series.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will finally see some Mike Glennon in the game against the Atlanta Falcons. Josh McCown injured his hand after hitting it on a facemask, but has been awful this game regardless, being generally inaccurate and throwing a bad interception to Kemal Ishmael, which was returned for a touchdown.

So now we get Mike Glennon. Can he save the dumpster fire that is the Tampa Bay offense as the Bucs are down 35-0? That seems doubtful, and it's certainly not a great circumstance for the second-year player to come into the game. But this is his chance to shine.

Depending on his performance and the severity of McCown's hand injury, Glennon should complete this game and may even take over as the starter beyond today. McCown actually had a fairly good game last week, but was inexcusably horrible in this game and the injury gives the Bucs a good excuse to pull their faltering starter.