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Buccaneers vs. Falcons: Predict the game

Here's your first quarter open thread, and your chance to give us your prediction on the game.

Cliff McBride

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers face the Atlanta Falcons in just over an hour on Thursday Night Football. The one and likely only nationally televised game for the Bucs this season, as they cling on to their division hopes despite an abysmal 0-2 start. Meanwhile, the Falcons want to prove they're better than the team that went 4-12 last year.

I'm a homer and I'm tired of making negative predictions on the Bucs' chances, which would be what I did for all of last year, so I'm saying they pull out the win, 17-14. No, that's not entirely rational, but there's a way it can happen. If Michael Johnson and Clinton McDonald have their way with the Falcons' offensive line, that should limit their Roddy-White-less passing game. And the Falcons defense is soft as brie, so the Bucs should be able to get their running game going for the second straight week.

Just limit the stupid turnovers, don't get two special teams plays blocked and don't get overly conservative and a win should be realistic.

So here's your open thread for the first quarter. Now let's hear your predictions!