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Logan Mankins provides the Buccaneers with focus

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to be focused, Logan Mankins is the one to provide that.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, the answer here would be Gerald McCoy. He's the undisputed on-field leader, and the face of the franchise. Easy answer, right?

Except he's injured this week, and probably won't play.

So in his absence, who steps up? Is it Lavonte David, the second-best player on the team? He never feels like that leader, but there are some anecdotes about him rallying the troops. Is it Josh McCown, the quarterback who's been praised for his leadership all offseason long? Is it veteran Vincent Jackson, who is the offense's most productive player every year?

I genuinely don't know. But if I had to guess, I'd go with Logan Mankins. He was praised for his leadership, his professionalism, his attitude to the game by everyone who's played with or against him -- even by Bill Belichick, after he traded him of course. Mankins is the nasty, road-grading interior linemen the Bucs didn't have until they traded for him. And he's the guy who can keep the offense focused in the game.

Of course, that focus had better be good. Because the quality of his play last week wasn't.

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